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Golf Passport

The products and services offered by the Golf Passport have truly created a WIN-WIN situation for everyone in the golf industry and for those who love to play golf. Since 1995 the Golf Passport has been extremely successful for the golf courses, and members of the Golf Passport.

  1. The Golf Passport started with 70 golf courses and now includes over 250 facilities with over 50% offering comp. green fees and over 95% offering tee time offers (with cart rental).
  2. Sales are done through the mail, telephone and walk in at several locations. The Internet is now a large part of the sales of The Golf Passport.
  3. There are so many who have won in the past and many will win in the future:
  4. Golf course owners, managers, and pros WIN because it brings them play at their facilities that they would not otherwise enjoy. When golfers show up at a course, they not only play golf, but usually spend additional revenue on carts, food and beverage, pro-shop merchandise, tips, etc.
  5. Local businesses WIN because it brings in additional tourism dollars to many towns and areas that would not otherwise receive it. Restaurants, gas stations and retail stores benefit when golfers visit their communities.
  6. Local high school and college golf teams, charities and various organizations WIN because they are able to sell Passports as fundraisers for their particular team or group.
  7. Best of all, "The Golf Passport" members WIN because it saves them a significant amount of money every time they use The Golf Passport. In many cases, the savings are huge ... but in most cases, it represents at least a few hundred dollars in savings per year, even if used only a few times. Most members will get back their annual fee with only one or two uses. There is a full money back guarantee on an unused passport, if returned within the first 30 days after purchase. The Golf Passport member WINS, because it affords the opportunity to play many courses that might not otherwise be played. There are a few courses that require private membership but The Golf Passport member has the privilege of playing those courses without that private membership costing thousand of dollars.